2013 WGA Picnic to Picnic TB Race

TB nameOwnerWaypoint
WGA Happiness TikiWalkingadventureGC45573
Safety Firstrosie700GC1Z3GC
Stewzoo's Racing Key Chain CollectorStewzoo1GC4B0C
The racing Rod-2013 WGA racerbartrodGC2D404
Porsche 911 GT3 RS - WGA RacerLord CadoganGC5BY0B
The ClaymakerLacknothingGC19ZTJ
J & L's We Love Wisconsin Travel TagJimandLindaGCZ798
2013 WGA Geo-Picnic sweetlife adventure Geo-racersweetlifeGC4Y9MX
labrat's flamin' hot SUV - WGA picnic racerlabrat_wrGCQ94C
a WisconsinitestargzingGC1XDKB
Redthunder0000's racerredthunder0000GC2KF95
Scribble Scribe's 2013 WGA Lucky #7 Racing TBScribble ScribeGC49DW6
~HideNseekers~ "Toucan Sam" WGA Racer TB~HideNseekers~GC3PJEV
Galaxy Questjjcool719GC1G8BN
WGA Racing SneakerslbensGC1VKB0
WGA Racer: Hippie Power!kungfuhippieGC34EA8
~HideNseekers~ "Grrreat Tony the Tiger" WGA Racer TB~HideNseekers~GC2VB8Q

In case there are Travel Bugs missing, this can be caused by the following reasons:
- There is no 'placed' log for this TB yet. So we can not find out where the TB is located
- The last 'placed' log was in a archived cache
- The TB was just added to the race - tb-run.com will update the data from geocaching.com once/day
(only if there are new logs)