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WGA Picnic to Picnic Race

TB nameOwnerWaypointLATLON
Bad Robot!beccadayGC3MMNT48.4161.4854
C6 Corvette - WGA RacerLord CadoganGC3G1V427.402333.6847
Knot gonna stop till 2013 PicnicsweetlifeGC4M5AY50.323211.9215
The Key To Winning The WGA TB Race!JimandLindaGC3ER2T54.354918.6663
Racing Cash Bash CoincynlenGC11KW639.4743-8.0633
Red Fraggle Travel BuggLostHorseWomen32GC4MJWN55.852511.9605
Hotdog "Area 51" RacerHotdogs_Off_TrailGC355BP47.505610.6955
The lil hippies' Lazy Lion - WGA RacerkungfuhippieGCK25B47.6333-122.333
Travel Racer AntiqueJMGullyGC3XZ4N41.2415-75.8401
Hibiscus' Lagarto VerdeWI.HibiscusGC1YC0J46.2348-94.6582
Troll on the runbabs455GCC67551.24435.30473
djwini's wga race tbdjwiniGC46JG736.6693-6.40772
Jordanlucy and billGCGNRK28.3461-82.0545
Ride Like The WindsalyforthGC1JGME41.4252-82.2834
~HideNseekers~ "Go Mario Go!" WGA Racer TB~HideNseekers~GC4KE8T33.4383-86.7269
West Bend Cache Ba$h 2012 Geocoin CacheNoTraceCacheNoTraceGC43FN546.1809-123.819
Gonzakel's Signal Racer TaggonzakelGC3QKFY32.1954-94.974
West Bend Cache Ba$h 2012 Geocoingeocalmes32GC2MD3E30.2651-97.7438
Little Yellow Racer - PillbugPharmTeamGC17NGF35.8257-78.5898
Labrat's Black Beauty Jeep 4x4labrat_wrGCRQKY50.548511.7853
~HideNseekers~ "Just Ducky" WGA Racer TB~HideNseekers~GC23XFY48.649611.4867
Pink Whistle StopcomkelpGC3EA2V35.804-78.8169
Truck'n For the WinMASKinWIGC30TDF46.1418-85.3206
Black-Cat RacerTeam Black-CatGC3XP0C48.989321.4092
Princess Trek TagSBC CrewGCWHDE44.7618-94.0895
Averith's Geo-RacerAverithGC2299929.59-95.0362
Inching for a WIN!TJdancerGC3Q86328.4123-81.3735
Moving and GroovingTexQuesterGC2C0TK46.5927-95.4431
Stinkin' PirateBraid Beards gangGC2DATP41.7258-93.6643
Sir Cumference's Hotwheel CarMathman, SirCumference,The Better Half, & Cutie PiGC1AJB440.3789-105.518
Trek TagslbensGC1AJB440.3789-105.518
Mike Takes Flight (PROXY)sarge0919GCJJN034.7455-86.5062
Totally Awesome Rubber Ducky Racer #1matter23GC2BP9244.9269-93.2979
Racing with HorsepowerGrannyGoesAlongGC31T7Z40.1531-83.0214
Beautiful Butterfly GeocoinGrrettaGCVDAH43.0706-89.5269
Geico Travel Tag - '70 Plymouth AAR Cudac.johnsonGC2WW8K44.0338-88.5668
TJS' Racing Chorizo - Travel Bug Dog TagTJSAAVEDRAGC2ECDJ45.7854-87.0819
Wildside Riderlabrat_wrGC3PN6G43.1803-88.1151
Racin' MustangThe CheeseheadsGC1F8PQ44.4745-88.0022
Trek TagHotdogs_Off_TrailGC1VFH440.8382-89.8801

In case there are Travel Bugs missing, this can be caused by the following reasons:
- There is no 'placed' log for this TB yet. So we can not find out where the TB is located
- The last 'placed' log was in a archived cache
- The TB was just added to the race - will update the data from once/day
(only if there are new logs)