Hi guys - we have a small problem with updating the standings. Due to high personal workload we will need a couple of days to start working on this. Expect to be fixed by 10/22 (2017 :-))
"UMZU"-Reisen - Das Jubiläumsrennen

TB nameOwnerWaypointLATLON
HoviKs TischfußballspielerHoviKGC2W27A54.416711.193311.1933
plus Chris' Tischfußballspielerplus ChrisGC2W27A54.416711.193311.1933
Der kleine blaue Travel Racer von Familie WaldschratFamilie WaldschratGC3GTR554.178810.405810.4058
R4Hs TischfußballspielerR4HGC2W27A54.416711.193311.1933
LTS Viva Colonia Geocoin Himmel un Äd EditionlongtomsilverGC4ECAG52.547813.571613.5716
Figaro7748 Fire Racerfigaro7748GC27M7151.43877.006127.00612
Travel Slug MouseSnautzGC1KB3359.922810.67910.679
TJs TischfußballspielerTravellingJackGC3RCX149.88358.807578.80757
umzu cruisen - lets cruizeTeam HaihappenGC6JA2Y000
Piccolo 5Piccolo70GC1Q6M328.4226-16.505-16.505
Thomas der TigerT.PetraschewskiGC50GGK50.305211.224111.2241
Thotos LöweThotoGC764MD000
Nova Tamija die EuleMinninewahGC1WGG053.702910.774410.7744
Go for Gold - RacerPenziGC3EBK454.413.033313.0333
"Umzu - Siegen" RacerjogerGC5EV3G54.80679.489.48
SnakowitzR2-D2 BB8GC5EV3G54.80679.489.48
Logan der GeckoFamilienbande_PetiGC5EV3G54.80679.489.48
klafri`s RennmaschineklafriGC5EV3G54.80679.489.48
Rallyedrivers Racing CoinRallyedriverGC5EV3G54.80679.489.48
Kleinstein - GeodudeTeam Schau-GenauGC5EV3G54.80679.489.48
Show me the worldFliege23GC3JCB954.96339.181679.18167
Travel Slug BearLana07GC5JXYQ54.50599.842939.84293
wilderFeger66´´ s Fw rueckt auswilderfeger66GC6YGBE54.6649.49.4

In case there are Travel Bugs missing, this can be caused by the following reasons:
- There is no 'placed' log for this TB yet. So we can not find out where the TB is located
- The last 'placed' log was in a archived cache
- The TB was just added to the race - tb-run.com will update the data from geocaching.com once/day
(only if there are new logs)