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Das Grill Event Rennen

TB nameOwnerWaypointLATLON
TB Run Grill Event DRSVIDEODRSVIDEOGC3Q3X952.10584.96175
TB Run Grill Event Team SpürhaseSpürhaseGC44RNB54.76059.39192
TB Run Grill Event 2012 schroeder10000schroeder10000GC333ZD40.9212-8.54273
Race Worlddazzle05GC49RKR36.705267.2312
TB Run Grill Event Papa SchafSchafherdeGC34J5A-13.5104-71.9723
TB RUN Grill Event - Kleiner Dino's SchlumpfKleinerDinoGC44Z5445.210914.2339
TB Run Grill Event Mama SchafSchafherdeGC3BEXP-37.6976176.274
TB RUN Grill Event DrachenschlumpfGreenDragonIIGC1PQE648.351511.7889
TB Run Grill Event SchattenhandSchattenhandGC3JD3F50.98915.05613
Turbo Tiger EnteThe_TigersGC2W0R750.688810.9283
TB Run Grill Event BienenschwarmBienenschwarmGCE85A10.5361-83.4995
Travel Bug SchutzengelGabi63GC1RWJF51.62575.8585
TB Run Grill Event supertwinniessupertwinniesGC1PQE648.351511.7889
TB RUN Grill Event - SchlumpfhexerKleineHexeLillyGC45RAT44.5255-80.9342
GrillEventRennen Dromedarlady HeidiMitlaeufer_HaepppchenGC48YXN39.4712-119.809
Hitachi-Männchen - TB Run Grill Event sparkle1234sparkle1234GC44WC451.84794.3289
Ein Lied geht um die WeltÜberholspurGC4ACVF47.406411.7576
Sphenia SpheniscidaCeNedra81GC2MAJM-29.097926.2204
Paulis GuitarKaulanerGC4AKCP52.42049.64628
TB Run Grill Event PonnukiPonnukiGC46EYF48.43510.08605
TB Run Grill Event SchwesterXSchwesterXGC37QTT52.530813.1123
Zoes RunningBugKaulanerGC3PEC147.52737.69867
TB Run Grill Event SaelzerkoenigsaelzerkoenigGC2VD1X52.26356.71428
TB Run Grill Event HandkopflerHandkopflerGC37VG951.661416.0905
TB Run Grill Event Lämmi 01Laemmi-01GC3KG2K43.7284-1.0648
TB Run Grill Event JOSTEJOSTEGC28HJA52.11166.92475
Christopher's Boxing Glove - TB RunMabuses ErbenGC1QVA151.54745.99748
TB RUN Grill Event ijsselhai off roadIjsselhaiGC1QVA151.54745.99748
TB Run Grill Event / The Bottle Openerevent-manGC1QVA151.54745.99748
TB Run Grill Event thardes2thardes2GC43CWX51.729810.604

In case there are Travel Bugs missing, this can be caused by the following reasons:
- There is no 'placed' log for this TB yet. So we can not find out where the TB is located
- The last 'placed' log was in a archived cache
- The TB was just added to the race - will update the data from once/day
(only if there are new logs)