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FFF 12 TB Race To FFF 13

TB nameOwnerWaypointLATLON
Florida Finders Fest 10 DupleBugTEAM US2GC1JZFX28.6223-81.526
HSCs Pink RacerhorseshoechampGC1XQHH45.3064-75.9516
Bag of HoldingLady_KrystalGC5RKE645.5752-84.7816
Funfinderone's FFF12 Cruising TagFunfinderoneGC5RKE645.5752-84.7816
Ray's FFF12 RacerqqnonrevGC2VCR833.8715-86.3078
MsYB's FFF12 Racing Lackey TagMsYBGC1J4Q841.685-93.7473
FFF12 RacerIlliniKinaGC2VCR833.8715-86.3078
2016 Florida Finders Fest 12 GeocoinBeeortoiseGC42P2Y41.7608-71.4401
Melissa's FFF12 RacerqqnonrevGC29T5W41.774-71.4753
FFF11 traveling shirtSuncoastGeocachersGC6V5V730.4526-84.3438

In case there are Travel Bugs missing, this can be caused by the following reasons:
- There is no 'placed' log for this TB yet. So we can not find out where the TB is located
- The last 'placed' log was in a archived cache
- The TB was just added to the race - will update the data from once/day
(only if there are new logs)