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Das große Dönerstag-Event Wettrennen 2017

TB nameOwnerWaypointLATLON
Fuzzi - Der TurbopandaWaldfreaksGC17B3140.7721-111.941
Baibee-the-Tussi-Mobil (Fr Strickliesel´´´´´ s)Strickliesel79GC1ABPJ47.3038-122.353
Deichlux´´ s SilverRacerDeichluxGC5HP4638.6823-77.3496
halmue´s Black racing carhalmueGC6E9X751.9746-0.264467
Trabbi RELOADED (Hr Strickliesel´´ s)Strickliesel79GC6WK7M47.923419.3507
Blumi goes Dönerstag-Event Rennen 2017SternschnuppebritneyGC74C5K39.73783.3355
Olfwyns Dönerstag RunnerolfwynGC79MTJ51.60828.99662

In case there are Travel Bugs missing, this can be caused by the following reasons:
- There is no 'placed' log for this TB yet. So we can not find out where the TB is located
- The last 'placed' log was in a archived cache
- The TB was just added to the race - will update the data from once/day
(only if there are new logs)