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2013 WGA Picnic to Picnic TB Race

Race organizer: Team Black-Cat

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This is the second annual WGA Picnic to Picnic TB Race. It started at the WGA Fall Picnic event at Governor Thompson State Park on September 21, 2013 and will continue until September 13, 2014. That should be a week or two before the 2014 Fall Picnic event which should give us enough time to tally the scores.

You can check the race standing here, as well as reading frequent updates on the WGA website ( There is sure to be some bragging and trash talk on the forums. Stop in and brag about your own racing TB.
Prizes will be determined later and listed on the WGA website.

Rules that were added by race organizer
1. Only the FIRST move by a single cacher will be counted for miles. (No "dipping" for miles.)
2. Travel bugs must be released into the wild. (No "discover only" travelers)
3. The main reason for this race is to have fun. Please don't spoil it by trying to find a way to "beat the system".
4. Bragging in the WGA website forums is allowed and encouraged.

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