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2013 WGA Picnic to Picnic TB Race

RankTB nameOwnerLogsImageMiles travelled
1WGA Happiness TikiWalkingadventure11921761 Miles
2Safety Firstrosie7009711204 Miles
3Stewzoo's Racing Key Chain CollectorStewzoo1610920 Miles
4TJSAAVEDRA's Racing WGA Custom CachekinzTJSAAVEDRA2810054 Miles
5The racing Rod-2013 WGA racerbartrod1048249 Miles
6KEEP OUT!beccaday177441 Miles
7Porsche 911 GT3 RS - WGA RacerLord Cadogan1527382 Miles
8The ClaymakerLacknothing276487 Miles
9J & L's We Love Wisconsin Travel TagJimandLinda75200 Miles
102013 WGA Geo-Picnic sweetlife adventure Geo-racersweetlife1314921 Miles
11labrat's flamin' hot SUV - WGA picnic racerlabrat_wr383476 Miles
12a Wisconsinitestargzing242901 Miles
13Redthunder0000's racerredthunder0000612486 Miles
14Scribble Scribe's 2013 WGA Lucky #7 Racing TBScribble Scribe422048 Miles
15~HideNseekers~ "Toucan Sam" WGA Racer TB~HideNseekers~222037 Miles
16Galaxy Questjjcool71929868 Miles
17WGA Racing Sneakerslbens20730 Miles
18WGA Racer: Hippie Power!kungfuhippie24369 Miles
19~HideNseekers~ "Grrreat Tony the Tiger" WGA Racer TB~HideNseekers~25299 Miles
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