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WGA Picnic to Picnic Race

RankTB nameOwnerLogsImageMiles travelled
1Bad Robot!beccaday7121560 Miles
2C6 Corvette - WGA RacerLord Cadogan3918242 Miles
3Knot gonna stop till 2013 Picnicsweetlife18415992 Miles
4The Key To Winning The WGA TB Race!JimandLinda8415879 Miles
5Racing Cash Bash Coincynlen118033 Miles
6Red Fraggle Travel BuggLostHorseWomen321847810 Miles
7Hotdog "Area 51" RacerHotdogs_Off_Trail257638 Miles
8The lil hippies' Lazy Lion - WGA Racerkungfuhippie297617 Miles
9Travel Racer AntiqueJMGully987395 Miles
10Hibiscus' Lagarto VerdeWI.Hibiscus1685708 Miles
11Troll on the runbabs4551404605 Miles
12djwini's wga race tbdjwini344363 Miles
13Jordanlucy and bill834145 Miles
14Ride Like The Windsalyforth903732 Miles
15~HideNseekers~ "Go Mario Go!" WGA Racer TB~HideNseekers~583280 Miles
16West Bend Cache Ba$h 2012 Geocoin CacheNoTraceCacheNoTrace153016 Miles
17Gonzakel's Signal Racer Taggonzakel1532780 Miles
18West Bend Cache Ba$h 2012 Geocoingeocalmes32162647 Miles
19Little Yellow Racer - PillbugPharmTeam342584 Miles
20Labrat's Black Beauty Jeep 4x4labrat_wr1782576 Miles
21Soccer Duckie is in a racehuntitup4302303 Miles
22~HideNseekers~ "Just Ducky" WGA Racer TB~HideNseekers~2692276 Miles
23Pink Whistle Stopcomkelp2612208 Miles
24Truck'n For the WinMASKinWI402063 Miles
25Baxterjavacat572044 Miles
26Black-Cat RacerTeam Black-Cat962040 Miles
27Four Elements Racing GeocoinTJSAAVEDRA151894 Miles
28Princess Trek TagSBC Crew471835 Miles
29Cars Trek TagSBC Crew211783 Miles
30Averith's Geo-RacerAverith351611 Miles
31Inching for a WIN!TJdancer311392 Miles
32Badassdawnzie281291 Miles
33Moving and GroovingTexQuester551231 Miles
34Stinkin' PirateBraid Beards gang121229 Miles
35Sir Cumference's Hotwheel CarMathman, SirCumference,The Better Half, & Cutie Pi17906 Miles
36Trek Tagslbens12906 Miles
37Mike Takes Flight (PROXY)sarge091916845 Miles
38Totally Awesome Rubber Ducky Racer #1matter2321585 Miles
39Racing with HorsepowerGrannyGoesAlong24449 Miles
40Beautiful Butterfly GeocoinGrretta130401 Miles
41Geico Travel Tag - '70 Plymouth AAR Cudac.johnson18381 Miles
42TJS' Racing Chorizo - Travel Bug Dog TagTJSAAVEDRA8295 Miles
43Wildside Riderlabrat_wr17146 Miles
44Racin' MustangThe Cheeseheads26103 Miles
45Trek TagHotdogs_Off_Trail6389 Miles
46Mr MatchstickMathman, SirCumference,The Better Half, & Cutie Pi2678 Miles
47Clipping Right AlongMrs TBC328 Miles
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