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GeoGearHeads 2013

RankPointsTB nameOwnerImageMiles travelled
1283Geocaching Tips Racer2000wu62085 Miles
2154Sea Cache Horsing Aroundlafitefl10071 Miles
3151Cache Patrollafitefl2461 Miles
4124GGH TB Race Technology TagNoNameYet2029180 Miles
577QR-Code Travel Beetle4freds1015 Miles
648email us plz if you grabbed thnxglobaltreckers2252 Miles
741Shine a little light GGH 2013Joe.small1626 Miles
836GoofyMinnesota Boy16174 Miles
934Top Gear(UK) - The Stigdebaere10706 Miles
1032RumpelstiltskinMinnesota Boy2017 Miles
1129Top Gear(UK) - Jeremy Clarksondebaere10706 Miles
1223GeoGearHeads 2013 Evernote Racing Coin (II)DarrylW41153 Miles
1323Top Gear(UK) - James Maydebaere1600 Miles
1421Doin' It Old SchoolTeamOrville1856 Miles
1520Caching FriendTeam Shiney90 Miles
1620Pinki CrystalsMoonjami3882 Miles
1720Top Gear(UK) - Richard Hammonddebaere1024 Miles
1819Proxy Jeep$pyker90758 Miles
1919Jersey Pinelands MooseJerseyEric7549 Miles
2018US Flag History GeocoinMinnesota Boy621 Miles
2118Simrebel (Brent) Nametag Geocoinsimrebel1221 Miles
2211JerseyEric's Cache to Eagle GeocoinJerseyEric7193 Miles
2310Purple Monsterbushmanfamily820 Miles
249Simrebel's Canada Flag Tagsimrebel1687 Miles
258The Bad Cop's Travel Bug Racer!The Bad Cop Miles
268GeoGearHeads 2013 QR Racing Coin (II)DarrylW4998 Miles
278GeoBaby GeocoinLyric8357 Miles
287Simrebel (Annette) Nametag Geocoinsimrebel1221 Miles
296GGH 2013 Race Traveling Tip ExchangeDarrylW4117 Miles
305Tom the catLyric83504 Miles
315Alvin the Triton Cove AlligatorTheWinterTrio443 Miles
324RAM Tag (GeoGearHeads 2013 TB Race!)Virtuoso131314 Miles
334Alvin the Potlach AlligatorTheWinterTrio265 Miles
343Geocacheurs de-Provence GeocoinLyric83474 Miles
353The Dosewallips QuackerTheWinterTrio833 Miles
362Double DeckerEd2Ed14 Miles
372Peacedesmognathus Miles
381GGH TB Contest - Project APEsparrows_gold18229 Miles
391GeoGearHeads 2013 Evernote Racing CoinDarrylW4 Miles
401GeoGearHeads 2013 QR Racing CoinDarrylW4 Miles
411BluEyz and Bugsy Geocoinjonnybgoode928 Miles
420Cache-A-Maniacs GeocoinWitzEnd Miles
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