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2011 Great SA TB Race  »  Local Racers

RankTB nameOwnerLogsImageMiles travelled
1I am a rockHesamati70620589 Miles
2MadSons TB (Travel Bag)MadSons192618547 Miles
3SylvesterMadSons189918102 Miles
4B and C Inc's TrokkieB and C Inc142715154 Miles
5Shark Racer - 2011 Great SA TB RaceLeon St50214074 Miles
6MeganZA's Racing PandaMeganZA49112174 Miles
7ECMJ's 250 Finds Geo-Achievement GeocoinECMJ113912351 Miles
8Great SA 2011 TB racer - TedJors4609542 Miles
9Winning CupJAajm879473 Miles
10LUDWIG'S PCB TB RacerGEO9364628504 Miles
11Little 'raffetomtwogates3426537 Miles
12HOLLY THE HAPPY HIPPODuches1626207 Miles
13Apies HippoRedGlobe1745984 Miles
14Great 2011 SA TB Race: SawaSawa's Lady BugSawaSawa2085752 Miles
15'm' travelJAajm1335695 Miles
162011 Great SA TB Race ~ Baja 4x4 RacerMnCo3475075 Miles
17Warthog's - Fear No Cachewarthog1744849 Miles
18ELI ELEPHANTDuches1454734 Miles
19Great SA 2011 TB racer - Miner's LampJors3313534 Miles
202011 Great SA TB Race ~ MBX 4x4 RacerMnCo1423465 Miles
21The Great 2011 SA TB Race - The Trickies Flower PowerTricky Vicky & Mickey843025 Miles
22Travel Wagen Racing BugWilduvo902884 Miles
23The Mixed Up ChameleonAvanclan722594 Miles
24Amarula the ElephantAvanclan2472578 Miles
25vdlo - Hard HatTeam_vdlo1462567 Miles
26BruceTP's 2011 SA TB Racing MotorcycleBruceTP392497 Miles
27Pea WhistleRedGlobe1162371 Miles
28Great SA TB Race 2011 - DragonFly Me To The Moong.i.s.682325 Miles
29Paddawan's Suncatcher SA TB Racerpaddawan542057 Miles
30Great SA TB Race 2011 - Some Like it Hotg.i.s.1181938 Miles
31Great 2011 SA TB Race - Capricorns Zippy ZebraCapricorns77371817 Miles
32Bouts-FE Racing coinBouts7771421806 Miles
33Ludwig's Family RacerGEO936841659 Miles
34Mickey vdloTeam_vdlo601253 Miles
35Shining Starskiboo1061212 Miles
36Undercover GingerTeam Ginger881083 Miles
37Purple Fire HotwheelsSonsoekster1791071 Miles
38Zeeb 2011 SA TB Racerslinky_minky861004 Miles
39100 Finds Geo-Achievement GeocoinA&QMULLER144916 Miles
40Great SA TB Race 2011- Happy HippotheRabbits83858 Miles
41Sabrina's Racing London BusMeganZA22854 Miles
42Jessicaskiboo25573 Miles
43Great 2011 SA TB Race - Capricorns GoldCapricorns7718359 Miles
44Z Go Go Go GAGB Racer!The Blorenges16240 Miles
45LUDWIG'S Clarens Bird TB RacerGEO93684217 Miles
46Pink Travelling Turtle (PTT)Sonnetjie9136 Miles
47Michael's 2009 Halloween SA TB Racerpaddawan2563 Miles
48Andrew's 2009 Halloween SA TB Racerpaddawan2941 Miles
49Travelling Care BearPORKY25 Miles
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