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WA Goes Big Travel Bug Race 2017

RankTB nameOwnerLogsImageMiles travelled
1WAGB17 Dezza's Dicey TBdezzabills33317323 Miles
2WAGB17 Clip on RockoOrrsome Family37317005 Miles
3WAGB17 Lilly the Ladybirdneva2old47115690 Miles
4WAGB17 PIRATE PETEneva2old46815448 Miles
5WAGB17 Scooby Doo Racerfamilysteiner30514260 Miles
6WAGB17 - Speed Racer aka Chris P BaconAlliedOz3613026 Miles
7WAGB17 SpiderJockey07 1000th Find Pathtag Travel BugSpiderJockey0731212421 Miles
8WAGB17 Supatrupa Goes BigEliktrisiti2112352 Miles
9WAGB17 - The Grey Ghostjinta292112320 Miles
10WAGB17 Papa SmurfBittgirls1710075 Miles
11WAGB17 Red RacerCJ_252509675 Miles
12WAGB17 Frankfratra2338863 Miles
13WAGB17 Tracyfratra2338860 Miles
14WAGB17 - Frog PrinceWebblyWA1228001 Miles
15WAGB17 - ON The Road Againpood2846643 Miles
16WAGB17 - SVKR_WA - MaltaSVKR_WA2805998 Miles
17WAGB17 Ben's shoeskyebomonkeytown1854241 Miles
18WAGB17 - M4YB'S LOT OF CROCm4yb1613924 Miles
19WAGB17 - Kyzabra - KY Kyzabra1203898 Miles
20WAGB17 - Kyzabra - ZAKyzabra1593897 Miles
21WAGB17 - Kyzabra - BRAKyzabra1493862 Miles
22WAGB17 Sam's shoeskyebomonkeytown773779 Miles
23WAGB17 - SVKR_WA - SubaruSVKR_WA1173665 Miles
24WAGB17 - SignalMcLookers3023641 Miles
25WAGB17 SeabreezeOZSeabreezeOZ793436 Miles
26WAGB17 Lachy's shoeskyebomonkeytown1422710 Miles
27WAGB17 SpatialRiq's Travelling FishSpatialRiq112064 Miles
28WAGB17 Happy Travelling Crocmegawat60582001 Miles
29WAGB17 - Mistraluna's Mighy Machine MkIIMistraluna2611889 Miles
30WAGB17 - FLIGHT of FANCYpommieparkin22351660 Miles
31WAGB17 - Moun10bikeTomstache971287 Miles
32WAGB17 - Master KeyDalfonteiners42861 Miles
33WAGB17 Square RacerGranett9735 Miles
34WAGB17 - Very Important Parkinpommieparkin274615 Miles
35WAGB17 Easter Bunnylightpearlsofjoy35532 Miles
36WAGB17 - Greek Gods Geocoin - CaerusDymesbury7414 Miles
37WAGB17 - WCE EagleKymeria5330 Miles
38WAGB17 Green DodgeCJ_2522363 Miles
39WAGB17 Continental DriftCJ_2521660 Miles
newWAGB17 - THE LONGEST DRIVEheidiseeki00 Miles
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