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Logs of the TB '2016 Florida Finders Fest 12 Geocoin' from owner 'Beeortoise'

How the ranking for this TB was calculated:
Distance of all logs 1830 km
Distance since start of race (2016-10-22): 1830 km
Distance since TB has joined the race (2016-10-27): 1830 km

NoDatelog typeCacheGeocacherLocationkmMilesWaypoint
72016-11-19RetrieveBethany CemeteryjeffreymunroeRhode Island--
62016-11-11PlacedBethany CemeteryNorthVandeaRhode Island1726.21072.59GC42P2Y
42016-10-28PlacedOrlando Airport TB HotelPurpleFlutterbyFlorida103.764.44
22016-10-22RetrieveFlorida Finders Fest 2016PurpleFlutterbyFlorida--
12016-10-22PlacedFlorida Finders Fest 2016BeeortoiseFlorida--
Last update: 2016/11/28 01:19 AM