Logs of the TB 'Melissa's FFF12 Racer' from owner 'qqnonrev'

How the ranking for this TB was calculated:
Distance of all logs 1829 km
Distance since start of race (2016-10-22): 1829 km
Distance since TB has joined the race (2016-10-21): 1829 km

NoDatelog typeCacheGeocacherLocationkmMilesWaypoint
62016-11-11PlacedPeaNut PeaNut Butter and FLUFFNorthVandeaRhode Island1725.71072.32GC29T5W
32016-10-28PlacedOrlando Airport TB HotelPurpleFlutterbyFlorida103.764.44
22016-10-22RetrieveFlorida Finders Fest 2016PurpleFlutterbyFlorida--
12016-10-20PlacedFlorida Finders Fest 2016qqnonrevFlorida--
Last update: 2016/12/01 07:42 PM