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Why is there no photo for one or several Travel BugsŪ

For each TB the owner can assign a so called "Default Image". This is the default photo for the respective Travel Bug®. Although the owner might have uploaded a photo for the Travel Bug® he might not made that photo "default".
Let us describe how you can assign a photo to a Travel Bug® on and make it default:

Step 1
Go to the details page of your Travel Bug® on

Step 2
In the details page of your TB you will find a small box with actions on the upper right side. Click on "Upload an Image"

Step 3
On the following page you can upload your photo for the TB. Do not forget to select the option "Make this the default image for this Travel Bug". After the upload your photo will be the "Default Image" for your TB.

Step 4
Voila! When we update the data (typically once per day) will get the new photo from and display it.