In case you have questions regarding race rankings please first check our latest blog post in general

Which Travel Bug® ID do I have to use on
Please not the one that you find on the dog tag. You have to use the public Travel Bug® ID.
Each TB has two identifications: The "secret" ID, that is impressed to the dog tag and a public ID that everybody can view on
For joining a race on you have to use the latter, public ID.

Is it also possible to do a race with Geocoins, Cacher Tags, Travel Slugs or Travel Express?
Yea. Tracking of Geocoins, Cacher Tags, Travel Slugs, Travel Express and Travel Bugs® on works identically.
So you can also create your Geocoin race or let Travel Slugs run against each other.

Is it possible to setup a race with GeoKrety's or GeoLutins?
No. On all "trackable items" that can be tracked via can join. Other tracking systems are not supported at the moment.

Is the site also offered in other languages? is a project with its roots in Germany. So German is the "mother" language. In the meantime we have translated as much as possible to English as well. If you would like to volunteer to translate it to another language please contact us.

Travel Bugs® in general

Where can it get Travel Bug® dog tags?
You can order Travel Bugs® in several online stores. For Example directly at Groundspeak.

Rules & Races

What different game rules are offered?
You can find details about all possible game rules here.

What happens if somebody sends his Travel Bug® via air mail far away, logs it there and wins the race that way?
Counter question : What happens if somebody take an illegal shortcut during rally Paris-Dhakar?
The whole thing here is a game - and it should be for having fun. If there are really geocachers out there who act in an unfair manner it is up to the race organizer to take appropriate action (e.g. disqualification and take the TB out of the race). We believe fraudulent behaviour could be in most of the cases identified by reading the TB and cache logs.

Do I have to use new and unused Travel Bugs®?
You can either use new or used Travel Bugs®. TB's that have already traveled some miles are also allowed to join a race. Only the mileage during the race is considered for the ranking.

Is it also allowed to join a race afte the race has already started?
Yes. There is nothing to be said against this procedure. If the race organizer does not like that other could join, he can just lock the race against new participants.

I am the organizer of a race that is not on Can I put the race on
Yes, that's possible. However, we have to tell the system that it should consider all previous miles - and not only the ones since the TB joined the race. Please send us a short e-Mail to and we will arrange it for you.

Questions about my Travel Bugs®

In the race standings, the photo of my Travel Bug® does not appear - why is that?
You have to make a photo on the "Default Image" for your Travel Bug®.
If you need details on how to do this please look here.

Is it possible to remove my TB from a race?
Yes, just navigate to "my races" and select the option to remove one of your TB from the race

My role as race organizer

I forgot the password for my private race - where do I find the password?
Sure. Just go to the race standings of your race and in de details sidebar click on "Password".

Is it possible to change the start or end date of a race after I created it?
Yes. Just go to the race standings of your race and in de details sidebar click on "Change Details".
It is not possible to change any race settings. Please also note that all changes are logged and can be viewed by all race participants.

How can I delete a race?
You can only "archive" your races. That means it will be closed immediately and no longer appear in the list of all races.

Is it possible to change race settings after the race has ended?
No, this is no possible.

Your username on

Do I have to use the same Nickname I use at
Yes. This is necessary to identify in which races your Travel Bugs® are participating.

How do you make sure that I really use the same nickname I use at
First of all, we can be 100% sure if this is the case. Theoretically somebody could use somebody else's nickname, register at and send somebody else's TB to a race. This would be not authorized and sooner or later this behavior come out - e.g. if the user who owns the nickname would try to register at

What happens if somebody else registers my nickname at
Very simple: Please send us a mail to We will contact the nickname via "contact" form on This mail will reach you and we will know that you are the legal owner of this nickname. Subsequently we will contact the "illegal" user and delete his account.

What happens, if I use somebody else's nickname??
See the question above: We will have to delete your account. We can very easily validate if you are the real account owner by sending you a e-mail via


How do you get the Travel Bug® information? reads the public information from We have the permission from Groundspeak, the owner of to do this.

How often are the race standings updated with new information from
The information for each Travel Bugs® are updated once a day. Usually we read the status from between midnight and 2 PM GMT. In exceptional cases it takes 2 days to update.